This is a topic I've seen answered for other models, in particular, I found a handy guide for the D1 posted over in the D1 forum.

Unfortunately, it would appear these files (Contacts.apk + Phone.apk) don't exist on the D2. I did find some of the PNGs mentioned from Contacts.apk in the framework-res.apk file. However, the "picture_unknown.png" file mentioned that's supposed to be in Phone.apk is nowhere to be found.

I already checked "BlurContacts.apk" and "BlurPhone.apk" and half those elements are foreign to me. Gives me a chill because it might be hinting at Verizon having violated Blur to an obscene level...

Anyways, things have obviously changed between incarnations. Whether this is a Droid issue or a 2.1 vs 2.2 issue is beyond me.

Anyone happen to know the new approach to this? I'm sorta tired of this mannequin overrunning my contact list, and I already have a better image ready to go, so I just need some help finding what files to replace in this version.

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