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    Default Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    Please help, I am new to this, I am currently in the process well going to try to root my New Rezound per no longer with Verizon to root it so that i can use it on at&t. Is my AT&T SIM card supposed to be in the Rezound when i push power to fast boot ?
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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    I don't know about using it in at. I know originally that it was said that the radios were coded specifically not work on att gsm, but I don't know if a workaround was made.

    I do know that you will have to be on the global firmware. Had you flashed it yet?

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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    nope, nothing to it, still as factory
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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    We got this working...took a while but it was working. Hopefully @mbriorome drops back in and shares his experience.

    In order to do it, you need the GSM update 4.03.605.2 and the APN settings for AT&T(and an AT&T sim)
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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    Sorry fellas, it worked great, thanks to MrSmith317 with all his help, we go it. Running on 3g for now until i get new phone or 4g link, but it worked.
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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    I'm curious about this topic because I need to use gsm sometimes. Did you get the phone working with just the leaked ruu. Our did you have to use a different ROM? Before I installed the leak I could use the gsm but I couldn't send texts. Just curious if fixes that.

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    Default Re: Rezound Rooting from verizon to att

    Any updates in here?

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