So the agency I work for has this plan available...

Includes all system access and 911 fees

5GB of data

350 Local Weekday Minutes

1000 local incoming minutes

250 Canadian long distance minutes (10 cents per minute afterwards)

Unlimited Local Evenings (6pm)

Unlimited Local Weekends

Unlimited National Rogers to Rogers (cell phone to cellphone)

Unlimited messages(SMS/MMS)


Call Display with Name Display

Per second billing ( after the 1st minute)

Call waiting, Call forwarding & Group calling

Detailed Billing

An option for $5 Unlimited Canadian long distance is available with this plan- to add this, please select from the Add ons page after selecting this plan.

All of this for 50 bucks a month.

I am currently paying 80 for less data and fewer minutes and no long distance minutes... but i have my10.

So asides from possibly saving a bit of money does this seem like a good deal? I had negative dealings with our corporate rep before when they said that they hadn't been able to respond to my email since they were out of the office...ummm.. don't you sell smartphones?

If I upgrade my phone when the time comes will I have to go through my corporate rep? Does this affect my flextab? Will a Rogers rep be able to match this deal?

I appreciate any help you can give.