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    Default Omate TrueSmart - SmartWatch - why no thread on a shipping product

    I find it odd that the Qualcomm Toq has a section in the forums and its still vaporware and yet Omate's TrueSmart watch is shipping now that it's Kickstarter funding is over. Well over $1 million in funding 10 times the goal and that is not bad. It looks pretty darn good, full 4.2.2 Android OS and full app support so it has reason for me to pause when my GG arrives in a few weeks and decide if I keep it, return it and order the Omate TrueSmart. I won't be adding any voice service since I will NOT go back to AT&T anytime soon and Verizon isn't supported. Still its a great companion device as well and I look forward to more hands on reviews and how people use it and how it ties into mobile devices and smartphones.
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    Default Re: Omate TrueSmart - SmartWatch - why no thread on a shipping product

    I bought one of the 2nd developer addition ones. I really can't wait. I was wondering the same thing about where the official thread is. Also, has the money you pledged been taken out of your account? Mine hasn't and I'm kinda worried.

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    Default Re: Omate TrueSmart - SmartWatch - why no thread on a shipping product

    I don't know. That Samsuck one had plenty of press, as did that ugly weak Pebble one, yet this brilliant piece of tech can't get a foothold here. I dunno. I am getting mine in October, with a t Mobile SIM, can't wait.
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    Default Re: Omate TrueSmart - SmartWatch - why no thread on a shipping product

    Smartwatch Fans (use same login as here) has an Omate forum that will have to suffice for now. I agree that there should be a forum here since it is a full Android device and thus more AC related than some of the other topics.

    I can't wait to get my Omate. It is going to be the perfect device for me. I just wish that they could communicate a little better.

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