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    Default Any chance of a new LG Phablet? (LG G2 Pro)?

    Lg dropped a great phone with the LG G2. I'm wondering if they are still planning on releasing a follow up to the LG Optimus G Pro, like an LG G2 Pro for example. Or is it possible that they don't care too much about the phablets?

    I have an S4 and by the looks of things, I'll upgrade to the S5. But if LG were to release a phablet that rivals the S5 and has a removable battery and SD card slot, I may look into that as well.
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    Default Re: Any chance of a new LG Phablet? (LG G2 Pro)?

    The Optimus G Pro is a good phablet, IMO, and a great value. ...but it was only release on one US carrier and I'm not sure what kind of reception it received. I'd definitely like to see a follow-up with better battery life.
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    Default Re: Any chance of a new LG Phablet? (LG G2 Pro)?

    Wonder why r there no pens

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