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    Hello all,

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and am setting it up. I chose this tablet because I like my Galaxy S3 phone and thought sticking with Samsung and using Samsung Link would be sensible, Except Samsung Link is nowhere to be found. A google search finds comments saying it is incompatible. Can this be true? It would make the following statement tantamount to deception:

    * AllShare Play is now Samsung Link. Once AllShare Play is updated the logo and service name will change to Samsung Link. Continue to log-in with your Samsung Account to access your pictures, videos, and documents previously stored on AllShare Play.
    Share & Play Content across Smart Devices, Anytime Anywhere
    Samsung Link enables users to access & play content saved on other devices over a wireless access point as well as over the internet.

    It should read "Share & Play Content across someSmart Devices, Anytime Anywhere" or "Share & Play Content across Smart Devices, Anytime Anywhere except our own tablets if Samsung Link is really incompatible - am I missing something?

    Sorry - thought I was in the tablet forum
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