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    Default How are we using our Galaxy Gear?

    After the UK firmware update on my GG Note 2, I'm able to do a lot more than before. I'm curious to know how others are using their gear and how often they are using it. For me, I do a lot of texting via the templates more so than S Voice especially when I'm watching TV, at the gym, cooking, etc. I use the Voice Memo as a shopping list, at doctor's appts, and as other reminders. I use the Media Player a lot at the gym to control my music. Conveniently, for telling time, I use it than to take out my Note 2. As for talking, I now use my bluetooth headset to take or reject a call, then use the reject text template to reject a call. It's also great my music stops and resume while taking a call. I never use the speaker of the gear for calls. As for notifications, I can see the preview for my Gmail and Yahoo email accounts. I have yet to test notifications for LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social networking sites. I love the notification for Google Calendar. For my face clock, I have chosen the shortcut clock with the setting, SV, and media player for quick easy access; the double press on the side button is for gallery. I use the camera for pict and video almost everyday to remind where I park my car, mall entrances, and things I wanna buy and share. I never take off my gear when washing dishes, washing my hands, and only removing it at night to recharge, after a whole day's use.

    This is my random list, how about yours? I have yet to explore other features or download 3rd party apps I'm sure can be useful. Care to share yours?
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    Default Re: How are we using our Galaxy Gear?

    I had a question about the Gear, and you may have answered it in your response as to how you use yours.... But, can you use the Gear and a Bluetooth headset simultaneously? I work in construction and I am on the phone and working with my hands all day. I keep my phone in a rugged case in a belt-clip and answer the phone and know who is calling through my synced contacts in my earpiece. But, it would be nice to see my notifications at a glance on my wrist without having to get my phone out of my clip.... Is it possible to operate 2 devices off of the Bluetooth like that? I don't want to use the speaker phone function of the Gear but the other features I would be interested in...
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    Default Re: How are we using our Galaxy Gear?

    Hey there! You have the same question I had that decide whether I should buy the GG re bluetooth. The answer is yes. I have always had my bluetooth on my ear, the same time I am dressed to work, now I wear my gear as part of my morning ritual. I can take a call via my headset, I just click on it to answer. Another way is to swipe to answer, then quickly click on the bluetooth icon on the gear. As mentioned, you can take calls while listening to music. I have yet to test if call waiting works on the gear. Like u, I have always wanted hands-free talk via headset, not via phone or speaker on the gear. I just disovered today Google Call works on my headset. I just press and hold the button on the headset, a prompt comes on, then I say the name of the contact, all without touching the gear or phone. Works better than S Voice on the gear or phone.

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