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    Default Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy S3

    Will the Galaxy gear work with the GS3? I was told by the salesperson at Best Buy that it would work, but figured that the answers here would be more accurate.... I am not ready to update my phone, but I am curious about the Gear
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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy S3

    I don't know the answer to your question about the GS3, but I would think yes, only if you update it to 4.3, like I did to my Note 2. I got the GG the same day of the TMobile update. With the helpful feedback of others here, I went ahead with the purchase. Make sure u update your GG with the UK firmware to get more features.

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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy S3

    I have Omega's latest ROM on my SGS3 (a modified JB 4.3 OS) and my Gear and Phone work just fine together.

    All's you need to do is root your phone and you can install an Omega ROM straight into it. Best thing I ever did.

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