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    Default Why does the GG work for you?

    I have read so many negative comments and articles about this watch and I just donít get it. I guess itís like Iphone/IPads. My kids love them and so I tried them both. Turned them both back in after a couple of weeks. Way to limited to what I was used to. There wonderful for a lot of people, just not for me. I guess this is the case for the GG or any smart watch. I have had the update loaded for a few weeks now and it made the world of difference for me. I can get notifications on pretty much any app and can now use Gmail and Go SMS Pro without any issues. Here is why the GG works for me.
    ē Battery/Charging - I already charge my phone and my tablet every night so itís no big deal to charge the watch. When I go to bed, I plug in all 3 devices.
    ē Wearing a watch in general Ė I was not a watch wearer before this. In all actuality, the time functionality is really one of the l least reasons I use this watch.
    ē Quick notifications Ė this is my biggest reason for the watch. I get an email or text, I can see who it is from and decide to open it or not. If I open it, I can read the message and decide if I want to continue, if so, I can click on show on device and by the time I pull the phone out of my pocket, itís already open and ready for me to continue.
    ē Car Ė I can quickly see what kind of message it is and determine without pulling out my phone if it is something I need to pull over and respond to.
    ē I am someone that constantly leaves my phone in one room then realizes an hour later that I donít have it nearby. I then get to wonder around the house trying to remember where I left it. Having the watch vibrate when I get to far is an instant reminder for me that I have done it again. I no longer miss phone calls from my kids.
    I am not the best at explaining my thoughts on things so hopefully this will make sense. I guess what I am trying to say is that most of the negative things that are said about the watch, either donít apply to me or just such a small issue, it doesn't bother me. Do I think there are improvements to be made, YES! I bought it understanding its limitations and thatís it is a first generation gadget.
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    Default Re: Why does the GG work for you?

    If you like it that's all that counts.
    Live long and prosper.

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    Default Re: Why does the GG work for you?

    What you mentioned above are some of the reasons why the device is growing on me. Yesterday I was showing my device to my co worker. She was having issues with her iPhone. I could tell she wasnt that into the watch. I had to tell her that the device is not a watch but a mere extension of your cell phone. I think that is what most people dont undeerstand

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    Default Re: Why does the GG work for you?

    Always been a ultra tech geek, I was a kid who had Sega CD, sega genisis that could be used as a CD player. I had calculator watches, knight rider watch, **** tracy communicator watch. If it was a cool watch I had it. I have a GS4, I didn't mind pulling my phone out of my pocket, but it got to the point that I was even doing it for my clock also since I relied on it for everything. I pull it out to change songs on my phone while at work, walking to class, in class. When I get email I pull it out to check it. When I am in my girlfriends car I have to fidget around to get it out of my pocket to check it or even to make a call. This watch has taken up the slack that I would like it to do. I only pull out my phone to use internet or turn on 4g by unlocking since I use juicedefender to save battery(it cuts off 4g and limits cdma power when the phone is in sleep, had it for 3 years now greatest thing on a 3g or 4g phone).

    How my gear conveniences me:
    1) I have a watch first of all, been needing one for 3 years, but once I heard the name smartwatch I figured I could wait.
    2) I have a good looking watch, it looks like what it costs, looking expensive is a small plus but a plus nonetheless I would have bought an expensive Eco Drive
    3) It fits my attitude about myself tech guy with a tech device attached to him I will die with some type of tech in or on my body
    4) I can make calls from my wrist, who can say thats not cool?
    5) I can check my email from my watch, I get scheduling updates from my job and personal, and I receive work email through moxier which uses exchange
    6) I can control my music player, including pandora
    7) I never miss a call, I keep my phone on vibrate because I am at school or work usually and when I get home I take my phone out of my pocket
    8) I know what I can get out of and see on my device is limited but the future is bright for the device. Look what 1 update has done! (basically there is more convenience in the future, I hope)
    9) I know there is something else but can't think of it my mind told me to put another # but I am sure there is something else, but this watch is awesome, reviews should be updated.

    By the way in case someone thinks this device isn't for you because of age race or what have you, I am 33 Black male, student/automation engineer from a small rough neighborhood in SF, this watch is for everyone!!!
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    Default Re: Why does the GG work for you?

    I think the negative reviews are simply related to setup and such as early versions didn't quite work. its a work in progress.

    So far I really like the watch. I now notice when I get a call or txt. I know more options will be added in the future as it has the internal works to do a lot.
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    Default Re: Why does the GG work for you?

    On all the negatives.. Everybody doesn't have a cool eye like we do. (grin)..It is doing it for me too. The app "Mini-Gear is allowing me to see all the pics on my Note 3.. I be glad when I can stream.. But, right now, it is good for me.

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