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    Default Ring and vibrate??

    Does anyone happen to know if the gear can or is supposed to ring and vibrate at the same time? I looked all over theses forums and couldn't find anything on it.

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    Default Re: Ring and vibrate??

    Same thing happen to me, been searching the whole forum too. When there's incoming call, my current GG (paired with Note 2) can only
    i) Ring without Vibrate
    ii) Vibrate without Ring
    iii) Mute
    It can't do both ring and vibrate at the same time. Hopefully this is just a minor bug and not a hardware problem, otherwise I have to return this thing.
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    Default Re: Ring and vibrate??

    Same here, I spent an hour or so last night looking for a way to get both. Maybe Samsung will add this functionality soon, I imagine a lot of folks would like this.
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    Default Re: Ring and vibrate??

    You guys are right. I hope they will add it as well. When I'm in a loud place like the mall I'd like for it to do both just so I know for sure that one of the two will get my attention.

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    Default Re: Ring and vibrate??

    I use the gear with note 3 (phone it was initially made for).. & same thing.. vib OR ring but not both at same time. However it is not a hardware issue. I know the gear is physical capable because when I tried alarms from the app zdclock they go off with vib and alarm. But it is only an alarm app. Just making the point that the gear has the ability but samsung hasnt enabled it in standard settings. I hope they change it.
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