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    Default Change Clock from 24 Hour Format??

    How do I change the clock from 24 hour format? That is 22:30 instead of 10:30PM....

    I have Watch Styler as well as 'Galaxy Gear LED Alarm' both installed and have tried them and like them, but the only clocks that show standard time format instead of military / 24 hour time are the built in originals like 'Weather Clock'....If I use either/any of the optional clocks in the packages they only show mil time and I can't find any setting anywhere to change that????!!!
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    Default Re: Change Clock from 24 Hour Format??

    Mine is set to auto sync from the phone so you would think it should use whatever the phone is set to. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case (I tried it in a feeble attempt to get an answer for you). I cannot see anywhere in the watch to change it either. Maybe a future enhancement from Samsung?
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    Default Re: Change Clock from 24 Hour Format??

    I got it to work on mine. When you create a digital watch theme in Watch Styler and get to the time part, you can swipe left or right to select from several styles and fonts. The ones that are 24 hour in the sample will be 24 hour on the watch - same for 12 hour.
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