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    Default Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    Any solutions to these watches not charging there a way to contact Samsung about this issue is only 3 months old and will not charge now not good enough Samsung.

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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    Mine is not charging as well. I am now on my 3rd cable. Frustrating.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    Mine did that a couple weeks ago. It turned out to be the power supply. At first I thought it was the watch because plugging in my phone charger did not work either. Just before I was going to contact Samsung, I tried it one more time and as luck would have it, I grabbed my tablet charger (has the data pins shorted to tell the device to charge). It worked, so after swapping back and forth between the original one, my phone charger and the tablet charger, I can for sure say the original charger is toast and you must use one with the shorted data pins like for a tablet.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    To all those having problems with charging. I can almost guarantee it is not the Gear at fault. Most of the time it is the cable, and/or the charger.. If you have the original charger, use that, and insert the micro USB correctly. I have a habit of LOOKING to see which way the micro is "dome up/dome down" so when I insert the cable in the charging dock, it is going in the correct way. A lot of users be putting the cable in wrong, then forcing it a bit, causing some damage, and then something doesn't work.. Take care in inserting charging cables should resolve all those problems. The rare time that unit is defective should be taken care of by the warranty.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    My power supply charger went bad.

    Charges fine with other charges or even computer USB.
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    Default Re: Galaxy Gear: Watch will not charge

    I had a problem charging. Looked at the charging connectors on the back of the watch and they were filled with sweat gunk. I used a cotton swab and cleaned the metal connectors thoroughly and it worked. Just a bad connection. Not sure of a solution for those with a brand new, out the box, device...

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