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    Default Making the speakers sound better

    As all of you know, the speakers are not pointing towards you so they may not sound optimal. Sort of like cupping your hands next to your ears so you can listen better. You cup your hands next to the speakers and try to redirect the sound towards you. It definitely makes a difference for me. Of course, it works best when you are sitting down. Otherwise, you tend to hold the tablet on the left and/or right edges, in which case your hands may cover up the speakers.
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    Default Re: Making the speakers sound better

    Yup, that's one cool trick. It also works on the S4 (facing stupidly backwards and RIGHT where you put your hand) and even on the Note 3, that while it's pointing forward, it helps to direct the sound more at your face with your hands.

    You could make cardboard 'cones' and stick them to the back to get the same effect but without needing to have your hands on the tablet all the time (not ideal when watching a movie, for instance)
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    Default Re: Making the speakers sound better

    You're not the first to notice. Check out what this guy invented lol

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    Default Re: Making the speakers sound better

    And he wants 54k funding? And sell it for 13 bucks??!! Ay Caramba! What the iSheep won't overpay for...

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