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    Default PDF annotation

    I am new to the Android tablet world, and recently acquired the Note 10.1 2014 edition. I spend a lot of time looking a pdf documents, such as sell sheets and catalogs. How do I mark them up using the Note? Can I use S Note (and if yes, how?), or is there another app that would allow me to do that?
    Thank you in advance.
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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    I haven't yet settled on an app I really like, but some options are (divided into two sections):

    1)Apps that convert from pdf to their own format (I dislike these because I'm not sure I could open them later without the tablet, and they transform text into images, lowering potential resolution)
    S note (I don't have the tablet with me now, but it's something like going to "all notes" and then clicking the menu button and importing
    Lecture notes (this seems to be well liked by many, and it does have great annotation options, but pdf importing is not great, and you need to get an extra app for that)

    2)Apps that work directly on the pdf (these are also faster when using a new pdf file for the first time, since they don't have to convert the file)
    Adobe reader (not many options, but good enough for most applications)
    Foxit movile (don;t remember what was wrong with it)
    iAnnotate PDF (I'm not sure if it's me, but the images in the options don't appear, so it becomes a very weird UI)
    ezPDF (the one I mostly use, though it does not have an erasor, and it annoyingly offers you to make a new file when you try to make an annotation)

    Looking for a good pdf reader/annotator was the first (and still only) time I felt the play store was behind Apple's app store (I started on Android with the S3, so the play store was already good enough for smartphones when I started looking), as none of them is close to the PDF master app I used with my iPad...
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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    I agree with Gbuch, Android is sadly lacking in a good pdf app & I've tried most of them. I'd love to be able to easily & accurately fill in my pdf forms on the note but there's still a long way to go. I've found Adobe Reader the safest option as it's the easiest to use, although fairly basic, and at least I'm sure that I'll be able to open it again on the PC.

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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    EzPDF is the only half decent one I have found
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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    the best are Moon + reader and Montano reader. SmartQ reader has the quickest PDF rendering . EZPDF althoughhas improved recently, Lt very buggy

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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    Hi all,

    I am interested in this topic because, other than using my tablet for my personal handwritten notes, I'd like to be able to annotate pdf files.
    I am really disappointed by the adobe reader app, which does not work anything like its pc counterpart. Specifically, underline/highlight seem incapable of addressing individual words.

    Also, I am under the impression that adobe reader conflicts with s-note's ability to import pdf files. I have followed the instructions I have found , but when I choose the pdf from my files (about at second 20 in the video) a dialog pops up asking whether I want to use the reader or polaris office.
    Instead, the file should be opened in s-note. I am assuming that this is caused by adobe reader because, unlike polaris office, it was not originally installed on my tablet.

    Has anyone noticed the same behavior?

    As to the annotation problem: it seems to me that, though a little awkward, polaris office allows me to highlight individual words in a pdf. However, I do not seem to be able to undo my annotations (i.e. remove highlighing or underline). I looked for a polaris office user's guide, but even the appears to be an "empty box".

    I'm really frustrated that a task as (apparently?) simple as annotating pdf files cannot be done smoothly on my tablet.

    Thanks a lot for any insight
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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    Lecture Notes, an application for taking notes that also excels at annotation.

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    Default Re: PDF annotation

    I've been experimenting with Lecture Notes on the Note 3. The catch is that you have to start a second layer before you start annotating. If you do that, it seems to work pretty well. I've experimented with S Notes for PDF annotation and it was dreadful. EzPDF is OK, too.

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