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    Default Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    Just got my note and started it for the first time...i heard the start up screen but it is black and the buttons on the device work and i can hear sound. I called samsung support and was told to charge the device for 4 to 6 hours the problem was still not rectified. Any ideas on what is wrong and how to solve it?
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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    I would just exchange it. Doesn't make sense to deal with issues on a new device.

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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    Ditto on the exchange. If it's new and you already have issues, better exchange it (I believe in the first few days they can't repair it, they have to replace it with a new unit).
    But for the sake of sanity and peace of mind (to see if your LCD panel is dead or not), turn off the device, then turn it on by holding the power button, the home button, and the volume up keys (press and hold together) until the device powers ON and displays the recovery console. If you can see this image, your hardware is not dead and it's a software issue (from the recovery menu you can factory reset the tablet and that might clear the issue). But if this doesn't turn the LCD on, then it's dead. It's a hardware issue and you need to get it replaced.
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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    Thanks for the advice...had also thought this might be the best option
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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    If you read the reviews for thia device on amazon , alot of people have had this exact same problem. Something is wacky with this tablet!
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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    Do you have a sd card installed if so take it out and reboot tablet see if that helps there was a a report where some of the tablets and note 3 where trying to boot to the external mem first
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    Default Re: Problem with Samsung Note 10.1 2014

    I would exchange it.

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