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    Default Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Message always says Refreshing

    Just noticed this within the past week. I'll be watching a video or surfing the Web and get message that just pops up at bottom of screen that says "refreshing"..... Cannot figure out why this is.

    Second and worse, when watching movies purchased on Samsung Hub or Goole play, the movie stutters about 10-12 times and for about 5-8 seconds each time. Extremely frustrating. What I noticed is that it's happening recently almost like the longer I've had this the slower it gets.

    Any ideas or others notice this on the two issues above?

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Message always says Refreshing

    Did you check your wi-fi connection? perhaps the problem is there.
    Also perhaps try to reset app to default setings, maybe that will fix it.
    If nothing works, try to do a factory reset, that usually solves the issue. Though, don't forget to back-up first.
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    Default Re: Message always says Refreshing

    try clearing cache and also restart your router

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