Newbie question: I'd like to painlessly synchronize handwritten (like drawings, I guess) notes that I take on my Samsung Note with my Dell Win 7 machine running Office. S-Notes is great but doesn't synchronize to MS Office, I think, without lots of additional steps. My understanding from spending far too much time googling is the following, and I'd appreciate any corrections if this is wrong:

1. The only program that allows you to synchronize to Microsoft OneNote on your Win7 machine through the cloud/Skydrive to your Samsung Note is the Android app OneNote itself. OneNote in Android is highly limited, even after mid 2013 update, and does not allow you to make freehand drawings/sketches using the S-Pen like S-Note. And if you want to freehand draw letters - you're constrained to write in that small box in the bottom of the screen which appears to be the standard Samsung keyboard that most samsung apps use (unless you install another keyboard).
2. Microsoft OneNote on Android DOES allow the user to type notes, which would then be synchronized to OneNote via Skydrive on your computer, if properly setup.
3.Evernote, S-Note, papyrus, Lecturenotes - none of these synchronizes with Microsoft OneNote.
4. To address this problem the MobileNoter app was released, but according to the reviews it has serious issues (have not personally tried it). This is the only program that I could find which could function like Microsoft OneNote on android with synchronization promises.
5. Based on the reviews I have seen, Microsoft OneNote on the ipad is much more functional, allowing the user to make sketches and drawings. I have not personally used this.
6. Microsoft OneNote on the Surface 2 allows the user to make sketchings and drawings and is much more functional and can synchronize through the cloud to your laptop. But the Surface 2 is a thick, heavy device and very expensive in comparison to my Samsung Note 10.1 2014.