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    Default Keeps showing battery indicator on boot

    So I just ordered this from costco (can only get online) and I've been charging it for a few hours now and decide to turn it on for the first time while it's still charging. I hold the power button and it shows the battery icon and then shuts off. I try it again and same thing. I thought holding the power button for like 5 seconds turns on the device?

    Edit: Ok so I unplugged and now I turned it on. Is this tablet not designed to turn on while it's plugged in?? O.o
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    Default Re: Keeps showing battery indicator on boot

    This spooked me the first time I came to charge my phone from dead and decided to turn it back on after a while.

    IIRC I kept the power button pressed down and eventually the boot up screen started. Don't know if its a bug or what but it was quite worrying at the time.
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    Default Re: Keeps showing battery indicator on boot

    It's a Sammy problem. If you time it just right while plugged in it will work. Far as I know this has been around since the days of the replenish my first phone which had this too.

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    Default Re: Keeps showing battery indicator on boot

    This is not spooky, not a faulty device... if you press the power button while charging, it'll show the battery indicator. If you keep it pressed, the phone/tablet will boot. Same thing if it's not plugged in; the device won't turn on with just a slight press of the power button (granted, it takes a tad longer while plugged in because it first shows you the progress).
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