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    Default Samsung account cloud

    Before I had the chance to uncheck all the boxes, my samsung account started synching data to their cloud. Now, other than I think in their agreement they delete all your data if you deactivate your account, I can't find any way to just erase all cloud storage with samsung.

    It may sound a bit silly, but I like to keep control over what leaves my tablet and gets stored in the firmaments.

    I've been playing around with my brand new tablet installing everything and checking out all the included bloatware, then I'm planning to factory reset and set it up properly, with only the stuff I actually WANT. So I don't want the crap I've been "creating" to reappear on my tablet at that point...I realise I probably have to go in and specify restore, but still, why do I seem to have no control over the "stolen" ;-) data.

    Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Samsung account cloud

    I may be wrong, but if you go to your Samsung Account settings and you untick what you don't want to have synced, that data goes bye bye in the cloud, too. There's also a kind of 'Control Panel' if you go to the My Samsung page and log in with your account, maybe you'll find a deeper level of control there as well.
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    Default Re: Samsung account cloud

    Thanks....after I unchecked the boxes, I looked in settings under "cloud"...then under "storage usage" takes a few seconds calculating, and shows that indeed, there is data saved. Maybe it does get deleted eventually, but I kinda doubt it.

    I did go online as well, but unfortunately to get to any part of my account, I have to fill in a profile. I know I can just put bogus information, but the usual situation is that you can't go from "some information" to "no information".

    I don't even know if I really *need* a samsung account, considering in canada we don't get perks anyway, so I don't really need to register the device. I just set it up to try out the apps that require it. Not sure if there are any I will end up using...well, maybe WatchON...that is pretty d*** cool.

    Unless I'm stupid, there doesn't even seem to be a way in "my accounts" to remove any of the accounts once they've been added (I know a few allow it within the app). Except skype for some odd reason. Samsung, google and evernote all seem to not allow one to remove the account once added, evernote even from within the app. And there are many apps I haven't tried logging into yet. Seems so strange to me.

    Okay, I was wrong about online...I do have control there. It turns out there are two separate websites (3 if you count I could login using my samsung ID. Finally found the correct one when I googled trying to deactivate the account. For anyone who is curious, it's "" and it's international.
    I seem to be able to delete it there, although it didn't delete the "internet" section.

    Thanks for the hint that did lead me to the solution!

    Note: this is also where you can deactivate your account
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