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    Default Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    I'm watching a YouTube Video on the GN 2014. At the 2:30 point he mentions and demonstrates the "Multiple Widget" feature. He goes on to say you have to enable it. It looks like he is spinning a cube of widgets. I'm not finding it. Also did a pdf search for the term and didn't find it.

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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    The instructions to activate the features are actually provided as subtitles right in the video...
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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    Thanks, I saw that but didn't see anything about a multiple widget feature such as what he showed. So I went back and actually chose a lock screen and THEN saw the information. Don't want to have to lock my screen tho. I like that. Wish it could be used without a lock screen. Doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know
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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    I am feeling very slow here but I do not see the multiple widgets option under - settings-device-lockscreen. Is it not an option if you have a PIN enabled?
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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    Yes, with PIN enabled and it wont works. Muliple widget features only works with "swipe to unlock".
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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    Thanks. I have Chronus as a lock screen widget on another tablet and I am going to miss it here.
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    Default Re: Where is "Multiple Widget Feature"?

    Lock-screen widgets (to which these options refer to) can only be used with a NON SECURE lockscreen. If you select a secure one, like PIN or password, they won't be available.

    If you don't use a lockscreen they're not available because,well, you have widgets on your home screens. Just add them there :P

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