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    Hi. I bought my SMP601 back in late Dec 2013.
    Been looking around forums and finally landed on this one.
    Mine is the 32gb 3G. Plugged in another 32gb and migrate all my music in here.
    It is now my official media player and i play music wirelessly via BT to my Sony HT. Friggin excellent!
    Battery life is quite good and the build quality is great as well.
    Now how can i play movies wirelessly to my hdmi enabled 'dumb ledtv'? Can anybody help and share experience?
    Would there be lag if i played 1080p content and do i have to use a wireless router?

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    You will find a few different ways to accomplish this. Some involve buying another device of varying costs. Here is what works best for me with the least amount of extra costs.

    GNote + Chromecast + Real Player Cloud App = wireless hdmi local video content streaming
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    Get yourself a Google Chromecast. They're only $35 shipped from Amazon. Way cool device to allow streaming of music, video, etc

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    Chromecast doesnt appear to be suitable for me since most of my contents are local on separate ext hdd. From what i read in dianes post i must be cloud minded for this beast to work
    Eventhough im on unlimited data plan the speed is horrendous so going to the clouds wont be much of a solution

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