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    Default Working with Google Drive

    Anyone tried running Google Sheets on their tablet? Figuring the new generation of Nexus 10 would be a sensible one to buy; seems like a Google tablet would run a Google product like Drive the best, right? Well, the Nexus is not an option right now - it's not here. But what about the Galaxy Note (2014). Anybody impressed or displeased with how ANY tablet works with Google Drive?
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    I personally do not like "cloud" environments and the way GOOGLE wants to control my data (Picasa) ... I also believe my information is vulnerable to hacking (though my data is relatively unimportant) in a cloud/drive environment (Target).... Sort of see a scenario, that once you data is in the cloud, they can come along and hold it hostage, by imposing a monthly user fee or "transaction" fee.... I try to keep GOOGLE and any body else (hosted desk tops) out of my computing environment as much as possible.... I really do not want unknown entities looking at my world any more than they can now....

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    I see. Makes sense, especially if it's important data. In my case, it's not sensitive information. They could hold it ransom anytime - I'd simply do without it.
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    I think it works great, but so does DropBox. I do believe Drive is better integrated in the OS than Dropbox, but it comes down to taste. In any case, I don't use Google Drive to process the documents I have there; instead I use QuickOffice (now Google owned) or Polaris, but at least in Google Drive I know that whatever I start in my tablet is right there to pick up where I left off in my PC or any other device.

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