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    Default making folders in stock (Gmail) email client

    is there a to create mail folders for Certain emails like you can do in WLM? I belong to a digital Camera group that generates a lot fo mail. I would lIke for all that mailto go into a folder called DigiCam Friends..
    The rest of my MailCan go under the Primary folder. Can the Primary folder have a subfolder like my WLM Inbox does? And Can I direct that mail to the Appropriate folder? thanks
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    Default Re: making folders in stock (Gmail) email client

    Gmail doesn't really use folders, at least not in the traditional way like other email clients like WLM do. But you can set up labels and filters so when an email comes in from a specific address it will automatically be labeled and show up in what looks like a sub folder. I'm not sure if you have the ability to set these up thru the app, but you can do it in any web browser, and changes are picked up in the app.
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