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    Default Updates for Galaxy Note

    Hi All today I downloaded updates and then I clicked update when it prompted me. It said it was going to reboot my phone and that I shouldn't turn it off or remove the battery or it wont work, which I haven't done but now it is stuck in the screen that is my provider. Can anyone suggest why this is happening or what I can do to get it back on??
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    Default Re: Updates for Galaxy Note

    give it a few minutes to update; if no changes, reboot phone, it should be ok
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    Default Re: Updates for Galaxy Note

    it has been sitting in that mode for about 3 hours but I didn't back up my phone so I am worried that I might lose my data// If I restart it do you think I will lose my data
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    Default Re: Updates for Galaxy Note

    You should not have any problems if you force a reboot. I have had a phone give me the same warning and get stuck. I forced it off and back on with no problems and did not lose anything.

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