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    Default Samsung LCD TV what will support screen mirroring?

    Can anyone tell me a model, or how to find a model, of Samsung 32" 1080p LCD TV that will support screen mirroring from the 10.1 2014? All the models seem to have "Smart TV" and some say they support mirroring, but then they say they have AllShare and I've read on some other online stuff that this doesn't support mirroring or it's a pain to get it to do so. Surely they must have some TV models that support it natively/seamlessly. demos it, but unfortunately he doesn't say what model TV he is using.
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    Default Re: Samsung LCD TV what will support screen mirroring?

    Samsung 6300 series have screen mirroring and Im sure alot others Samsung models have the same feature:
    Just look at spec at LCD TV that says have screen mirroring support.
    Allshare doesnt mean it support screen mirroring and can mean it support content sharing only.

    But there is miracast screen mirroring dongles and no need to think about what LCD TV to buy. ex: IOgear GWAVR:
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    This is a case were a little research would have helped me. I purchased the 5300 series Smart TV from Samsung, only to discover that the screen mirroring feature is available on model numbers 5500 and up, and those made in 2013.

    I got a great deal on what is an amazing tv otherwise, but I wish I had spent just a few more dollars so I can have access to screen mirroring.

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    Default Re: Samsung LCD TV what will support screen mirroring?

    I have a 32ES5500 TV but the phone (Note 2 w/ Jellybean) does not find it when I turn the Mirroring on.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Samsung LCD TV what will support screen mirroring?

    Thanks for the replies. Orhan I am an Android newbie so I can't help you.

    I got a UN32F5500 and like DAS says it supports mirroring. And like John says the trick is to go to the Samsung site for a model and look at the specs tab and look for "screen mirroring."

    I am dumbfounded that Samsung makes it so hard for people who own one of their tablets to buy a compatible TV from them :-/ OTOH, if you can get a compatible TV screen mirroring is pretty slick.
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    Default Re: Samsung LCD TV what will support screen mirroring?

    For those of you have a TV that doesn't support screen mirroring a miracast hdmi dongle would probable do the trick. Also I think the Chromecast dongle will soon be able to do so but already can if you root it so you can use a mirroring app. So there are options out there if being able to mirror your device is important. I have a Samsung 60 inch that supports screen mirroring and although it is a cool feature it's not one I use very often. So far I have not found a need for it outside of showing my pictures on my phone or note on a larger screen.


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