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    Default SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    Hi Guys,

    I got this device (SM-P605 LTE Model) almost month ago and there is no "Multi Users" or "Restricted Profile" feature inside. I have android 4.3 version inside. I bought this device from Malaysia.
    Can anyone tell me how i can add "Multi users" feature as I found "Knox" is useless for privacy.
    Do I need to root ?
    If not rooted, If It is upgraded with Kit-Kat 4.4.2 will it solve the issue ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    Multi-user was initially only available on the U.S. WiFi SM-P600 running MK1 firmware. Apparently the new KitKat update allows Multi User for other countries... if you have the 605, you will have to wait a few days and see if KitKat brings Multi User to our tablets as well

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    Default Re: SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    Thanks for prompty reply. I read the news on this site as today samsung announced kitkat for 2014 edition. Lets see when i see OTA.
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    Default Re: SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    Hi there sonycan

    Do you still need the multi-user option? and can you indicate if your SM-P605 are rooted or not I have a fix for you, but the tablet must be rooted
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    Default Re: SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    I'm actually waiting for this on the Kitkat update. Hopefully it's inluded in my region.
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    Default Re: SM-P605 Multi Users Profile is missing

    If you have a root sm-p605 just use a root explorer navigate to /system/build.prop open it with any text editior and add this line right @ the bottom of the file fw.max_users = 4, save the file and reboot (remember to backup the file build.prop). Works 100% for me have a SM-P605 LTE Model on Stock andriod 4.3

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