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    Default KitKat update today

    Well I got the kitkat update today. Haven't played around with it much so not sure all that has changed. I do know when you pull the window down from top the window is smaller but so far that is all I have noticed
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    Default Re: KitKat update today

    Have you tried a BT Keyboard? KitKat update was supposed to have fixed the connectivity issues and THIS alone would make me want to update ASAP :P
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    Default Re: KitKat update today

    It is installing on my tablet now.

    On my GS4 the update to KitKat made a big difference on the BT. Although I have not used it with a keyboard.
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    Default Re: KitKat update today

    Updating as I type.

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    Default Re: KitKat update today

    Currently, the only way to keep the keyboard connected for more than a few seconds is if I also connect a streaming device, like a speaker or a headset. I'm hoping the update will fix this, because that's the only annoyance I've encountered so far (besides the effin button placement :P)

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