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    Default Wonky battery "life"

    i use quotes around life because its not real.

    The battery life is ok, could be better. But what is really annoying is i will be using my note for 15 minutes and my battery will go down from 80% to 5%, my screen will dim and give me a warning. If i reset my devise, it will show the real battery life, like 70% or whatever it is. But this happens ALL THE TIME. its really annoying to have to reset all the time.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It happened with both 4.3 and 4.4.

    Think this is a hardware of software issue? Think i should do a restore? if so, how do i go about doing that? i come from apple and would just plug into itunes to do this task, not sure how to do this with my samsung.

    thanks for your help!
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    Default Re: Wonky battery "life"

    Mine does the same. Only seems to happen when I'm playing games. My battery will last all day if I'm only using the Internet though.
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    Default Re: Wonky battery "life"

    Here is a picture of my battery life. See the spikes up and down? That's the plunge in battery life, and the spike ups are after I reset....

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    Default Re: Wonky battery "life"

    Quote Originally Posted by triscuit22 View Post
    Here is a picture of my battery life. See the spikes up and down? That's the plunge in battery life, and the spike ups are after I reset....

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    Wow. I would do a factory reset for sure, and if that doesn't work immediately get a hold of Samsung support. That isn't just bad---- if that graph is accurate you're battery could easily fail epically. Possibly dangerously.

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    Default Re: Wonky battery "life"

    I have had "wonky" battery life as well. Coming from an iPad, I am increasingly frustrated with the poor battery life. I have an HTC phone and haven't had issues. This is my first experience with a Samsung product. It also seems to take quite a while to charge the tablet. From 0% it can take well over 6 hours.

    I don't think that I am doing anything weird with the tablet. For example, the power meter drops by about 10% when idle overnight. My iPad could stay charged at 100% for over an hour when streaming music via bluetooth as long as the screen is off.

    Again, I love android, but the battery life on this thing is making me concerned. Anyway, some advice or comments would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Wonky battery "life"

    That is definitely not normal. Like others have said try a factory reset, and if the problem persists you could have a bad battery. You definitely do not want that battery getting to thermal run away. I can only imagine that it would be spectacular.

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