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    Default Must have apps for the Note 10.1?

    HI everyone!

    New to the android scene - was tied up in the apple universe for a while! I went ahead and downloaded apps that I depended on on my old iPad, but I know there is a lot out there that I am missing for my new Note. I rooted my device, so was wondering if there are any must have apps out there that I should have on my note. I can't tell by the play store what are really good apps versus apps that people just download en masse.

    I guess I can contribute to my own thread ---
    My must haves are
    Inkredible which allow for some beautiful note taking; file management is not important to me, but moving the input area is. A lot of apps have the input area on the bottom of the screen which is awkward to me. The one is adjustable!
    ES file explorer - really clean and somewhat strong file manager
    Stylus beta - spen is more than a novelty to me and this makes that handwriting window much cleaner and more attractive, also recognizes the input much faster
    Battery doctor - since I got it, I have been able to extend my standby time to 3-4 days and my on screen time to 6-7 hours
    Snapseed - I had this on my ipad - easiest and quickest way to edit photos
    Spen board switcher - I have always found the note kind of buggy when switching from keyboard to spen input when the stylus removed; all that has since been resolved with this app. I have it set to switch immediately to my Stylus beta input when spen is removed and it has worked consistently ever since I got it. Love it.

    What are some must download apps on your device?
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    Default Re: Must have apps for the Note 10.1?

    PicsArt(photo editing, collage making)
    Photoresizer(self explanatory)
    Songza & Pandora(music)
    aDownloader (apk version sideloaded for torrent downloading)
    FTP Cafe & Webmaster Lite (if you do any on the run website editing)
    MX Player & VLC player for video
    Chromecast (if you have the device, great for screen casting)
    Dolphin Browser
    Astro File Manager (better network support IMO and overal file mgmt interface)
    Kings Soft Office Suite
    Flash(apk sideloaded)

    Just to name a few to get you started!

    Welcome to the amazing and OPEN world of Android! and of course the amazing Note 10.1 2014!! and the forum
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    Default Re: Must have apps for the Note 10.1?

    Inkcredible? No development.

    Sent via my Note 8
    EVO & an Acer A500 tablet.
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    Default Re: Must have apps for the Note 10.1?

    I always enjoy this type thread. Seems I find something awesome that I would have never tried each time I read through. So, here is a list of my favorites.

    Onenote (Beta, allows for ink)
    Android Central App (of course)
    Microsoft RD Client
    WiFi Analyzer
    VNC Viewer
    Fing (network scanner)
    ES File Explorer (allows for file server connection)
    Nine (Exchange mail client)
    ADPMobile (job specific)
    ADP Service Connect (job specific)
    Kingsoft Office (although I'm trying out Hancom Office)

    I've had the Note 3 since launch, just got the Note 10.1 2014 a few days ago. What an awesome pair.

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    Default Re: Must have apps for the Note 10.1?

    Button Savior and All in one Toolbox.

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    Default Re: Must have apps for the Note 10.1?


    This is a very good thread, I would like to be more popular. I've just bought my first tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S) and I would like to know which apps are designed for tablets. I heard that are not so many apps that were re-written special for tablets. Some anyone give more examples with very good apps that I shall install on my tablet.


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