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    Default Best video converter?

    I'm sent videos in mov format and want to covert them to mp4. What's best app?
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    Default Re: Best video converter?

    In fact, Personally, I don't know which app is the best video converter. But I often used leawo video converter to help me converter videos and find it really useful. You can download it from here:
    You can have a try. Hope this can help you.
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    Default Re: Best video converter?

    I use Handbrake and it works great.
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    Default Re: Best video converter?

    DVD Catalyst 4. The full out commercial version costs only 10 bucks, and it works like a dream. I have converted over 80 full length films with it.

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    Default Re: Best video converter?

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    Default Re: Best video converter?

    I second HandBrake. It works great and has built in, pre-defined settings for high or mid Android formats. Don't know if there is a PC version or not.

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