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    Default Problems closing Browser after update

    Hi there. Can someone help me please? I have just recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010. It was working fine on the internet up until i installed the update.
    Now i am having problems closing the browser as i am getting an ''About:Blank'' page that will not close. I would appreciate any help. Thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: Problems closing Browser after update

    You just hit the back button on the bottom left of the screen to get out of the browser. The about blank page just means you don't have a website chosen to show when you open the browser as a Home Page. If you go into settings, you can set a web page or just keep it about blank. I use google.com as my Home web page, so I can just do searches right from opening the browser.
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    Default Re: Problems closing Browser after update

    i have used google as my home page, i set it to my home page when i first use it. Now when i close the google page another page ''about blank'' is open and it cannot be closed by pressing the X button. This has been happenning since i did the update.
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    Default Re: Problems closing Browser after update

    Same here. AFAIK, this is a known issue...have yet to see a solution though. Maybe Jelly Bean fixes it.

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