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    Default Printing?

    I need to print from my truck and was wondering if a wifi printer would without a network available or is there another way.
    Thanks mike
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    Default Re: Printing?

    I also need some printing help... I have an Hp 8000 cordplugged into my router, everyone in home is able to print from their laptop s.... but we have not yet discovered the key to printing from our Note's... I thought the free HP ap would work but it didnt .... not sure how. The print button inside say the Gallery says only can print to a samsung printer ..
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    Default Re: Printing?

    Theres a couple of printers from HP and Canon that will print over Bluetooth from your Note without a network. I know we ended up going with a Canon series but don't remember now which one. We mounted the printer to the floor under the back seat with some military grade velcro so we could remove it when it was too hot outside.

    Ill get the model number and post it later.

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    Default Re: Printing?

    If you don't want to pay anything, Google Cloud Print is a good app, but doesn't do some things like emails. Someone recommended PrinterShare app to me and you can print emails in that one. It's costs some money, but I've been using it with no problems from my Note 10.1. It works with Wireless printers or if you're like me and have a networked printer that's not wireless. Only thing is, you have to computer on to print if it is a networked printer.
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    Default Re: Printing?

    I tried the Print Share but when I DLed it and set it up it immediately wanted me to pay the money and Dl the pro version
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    Default Re: Printing?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Adams1 View Post
    I need to print from my truck and was wondering if a wifi printer would without a network available or is there another way.
    Thanks mike
    Here's someone using the Canon IP100, with the Galaxy Note Phone.

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    Default Re: Printing?

    print by eurosmartz is available for mobile android printing and may be worth alook:

    Print Web pages & more from an iPad, iPhone or Android Device
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    Default Re: Printing?

    I need a laser because inkjet will dry out in my truck.

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