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    Default Galaxy Note 10.1 - S Pen WHITE Replacement nibs?

    So for the second time, Today I dropped my Pen into a liquid.. first time was my dogs water bowl. today was right into my cup I was drinking out of, doh!. Both times I just freaked out, then I dried out the s Pen as best I could. I used towels to do as much as I could outside then did the rice trick.
    only today I had no rice so I used a package of Goya black beans I had laying around, worked fine,

    here's the deal..snceI already used one replacement grey S Pen nib, I decided to try out one of the two included white replacement nibs. now I only have 3 total spare nibs left, two normal grey and one more white. So does anyone Know what the actual difference is?

    the white nib is writing like a dream. I always nottice how much smoother it is writing on the ZAGG Shield when I use anew pen nib. But I admit I have long wondered what magical powers the white nib has.-.. anyone have any ideas?

    Since my software was updated my Note is telling me write to text whenever my S Pen is removed, So I can write in Www addresses / forum posts, etc. Its quite amazing and makes the S Pen So much more useful. I will need to buy more nibs!
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    Default Re: Galaxy Note 10.1 - S Pen WHITE Replacement nibs?

    The other nibs are for those who find the white nibs to slippery. I tried to use the other nibs but found that they had way to much resistance. It would be even worse with a zagg shield.

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