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    Default Apple time capsule?

    Looking at tablet devices, and particularly fond of the Galaxy Note (10") models. I have the Note 2 phone, and couldn't be happier...except for this issue with attaching my phone to my powerbook. I had a Motorola Atrix that connected to my PC or MAC with no problems, but my Samsung? Not so much. I did find, on the Apple forums, all the "we're not interested in helping Samsung" diatribe - along with some of the workarounds.
    I saw, on here, someone was able to access their time capsule files with a Nexus phone - can I access time capsule files with a Galaxy Note? If so, then I'd likely be able to do the same with my phone, correct? If that is true...well then, the world just became a very happy place!
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    Default Re: Apple time capsule?

    To access mine, I use ES Explorer. Works flawlessly

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    Default Re: Apple time capsule?

    Roger-that. Yeah, someone posted on a different thread with the same advice. One of those "just when you think you know something..." moments. I've been using ES explorer forever just to manage files on my device. Low and behold! I could have been using it to access my time capsule all this time?!? Ugh...
    One issue though - seems like when I try to open a folder with a still-not-determined number of files, I get this error message and can't see the file contents. Not a deal-breaker, just have to go into the folder from my computer and clean it up, but still...

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