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    First, the easy one: When using a Bluetooth keyboard, how do you keep the on-screen keyboard from popping up every time you start typing.

    Now, for the hard one. I want to be able to type in Russian. I can change the keyboard to type in Russian, but the keyboard layout is a Russian layout instead of the YAWERTY layout I am accustomed to. Any way to change this?

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    Default Re: Keyboard Questions

    Have you tried this one?

    There is a demo version too to try it free.

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    Thanks, I will check it out. I see it does have the phonetic layout. Also looking at the Russian Language Pack for AnySoftKeyboard here:

    AnySoftKeyboard changes the pop-up keyboard, but the Bluetooth keyboard will use whatever language the pop-up is set to. So, I think between one or the other options I should be able to do what I want.

    Now, if anybody can answer the easy question? :-)

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