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    Default S Note Cut, Copy, Paste actual notes (not the entire page).

    I want to cut, copy, paste, and move around specific hand written notes I've taken in S Note. I want to be able to create space and move things around so that if things change within the document I don't have to rewrite that entire page/section etc. I'm writing down rules for a board game and it seems handy to have the tablet near and write them at my thoughts' pace as ideas come to me rather than run upstairs to the computer or be out and about and have to type them on the note. Since things change, I need to be able to marquee certain areas and move, cut, copy or delete.

    I'm pretty sure I was in a Marquee mode similar to Photoshop at one point. The eraser was on and I couldn't figure out how I got in that mode or how to get out. I saved the document and got back in and I was out of the mode and can't figure out how to get back into it.

    Don't confuse this with copy/paste an entire page. I know how to do that at least.
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    Default Re: S Note Cut, Copy, Paste actual notes (not the entire page).

    It's not Snote, but this app will do what you want.

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