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    Default Samsung update (March 2014) what is it?

    Hi, all. For the past couple of days, each time I fire up my Galaxy Note 10.1 (original) I am being prompted to run a Samsung update.

    I have no idea what this update is, or is supposed to do. However, I recently accepted an update to my GS3 phone and ran into all kinds of problems, so I don't want to just blindly accept this Note update.

    U. S. Wifi only
    current Android version: 4.1.2

    Any ideas about this update?

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    Default Re: Samsung update (March 2014) what is it?

    Turn all apps off, connect to a power source, set the update running. Leave it alone for at least 30 mins, may take longer. You will end up with Android 4.4.2 loaded - well worth it!
    During the update it will stop and start several times, don't be fooled, leave it alone until it has REALLY finished. The last action you see is 'Updating installed apps' don't touch till that has finished.

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    Default Re: Samsung update (March 2014) what is it?

    This is the first I have seen that Kit Kat is out for our Notes, I'm surprised. I'll hold off and see how it goes for everyone else, lol.
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    Default Re: Samsung update (March 2014) what is it?

    I am not seeing this update - early April fools?

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