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    Question Galaxy Note 10.1 Touch acting up

    I have been experiencing for a while the most weird behavior with my tablet. It is rather new and I haven't used it much. It still has the plastic protection of the back.
    Whenever I am using it sometimes it changes screen or closes what I am doing, or it acts like i pressed back.

    I noticed today that apparently this happens because the Tablet is sensitive to touch in the back-side also. Like the PS Vita is.

    I tried searching online to see if this is a feature of the tablet, checked the manual. No one mentions that behavior as a feature. But i can slide through the different screens by gently touching the tablet on its back, I don't to press it hard.

    You can imagine how annoying that can be, because of that I am getting programs closed all the time, among other things.

    Is this a feature of the tablet? If so, is there a way to turn it off? If it is not a feature how can this be happening? I checked today and apparently my OS is up to date.

    Thank you!

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