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    Default How to get back a default S Note doc?

    I was playing around with S Note for the first time and ended up deleting the default "Personalized Map" document in the "Idea Sketch" folder. Now I just have a lined sheet as my default template. I would like to keep all of the default files to use as templates and do not know how to get a copy of that file back without doing a system restore to factory defaults. I've put a lot of work into setting up my device and am hoping that someone knows how to get a new copy of that original Samsung file. I may contact Samsung at some point but hoped someone here might have a faster suggestion.
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    Default Re: How to get back a default S Note doc?

    Update with no results

    I contacted Samsung, and after a soft reset to no effect, the only option the rep gave was a system restore, which I am trying to avoid. I asked if I could just have the file sent to me, but the rep did not respond, simply telling me that restoring to the factory defaults was the answer. The original file on a new Galaxy Note II ("Personalized Map.snb") did not show up when I tried an internet search just now and also when searching on the Samsung site.

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