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    Default Maybe you can help me

    I installed some apps, including My Story, from the Samsung store, and had to remove them when they completely hung up during the registration process. After uninstalling them, my phone seemed a little sluggish, and some apps glitchy or less responsive. I decided to do a factory reset. However now things have gotten a little worse. My screen brightness when on Auto constantly gets max bright and then dims, only to go max bright seconds later. Facebook app doesnt work properly ( worked flawlessly prior, there has been no update recently ) and some other lag issues, like when opening my email app, it sits with a black screen for a second or two before popping in... all in all Im worried that I have altered a system file somewhere on accident, and the factory reset doesnt seem to fix this as it only deletes user data.

    My Question: Is there a way to truly reinstall android and completely factory reset it? I want a fresh install of the OS and everything. I am using a Sprint GN2

    Perhaps a way to totally reinstall the Stock ROM?
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    You're in luck, you can indeed go back to the stock ROM. Refer to here: [TAR][STOCK]Full L900VPALJ1 - "Back to Stock" - xda-developers
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    Default Re: Maybe you can help me

    Thank you so much... Im going to give it a shot... Safe to assume these have been tested to be safe untampered with ROMs?
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    Default Re: Maybe you can help me

    I haven't tried it myself, so I can't really say. I don't think a stock rom would be up at xda for very long if it weren't an actual stock rom, though.

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