My iPhone 5 is on eBay because I'm looking to try a Note 2. I didn't like the GS3, but I wish I held onto it because JB has fixed a lot of the issues I had. The GS3 was also an impulse buy and I didn't prepare for it properly. Now that I have taken time and done my research, here are some things I am looking forward to doing:

1: Rooting and installing something like Clean ROM so I can use S Pen and get rid of the AT&T bloat ware.

2: This + Micro USB to HDMI adaptor + Emulators + Sony Playstation Monitor = Win.

3: USB on the go.

4: S Pen S Pen S Pen S Pen!

5: 64GB SD card + Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have not seen them yet and I feel the only way I will is by watching them on a device I have with me all the time.

6: Fully customized home screen. Nova Launcher, here I come!


8: If I can ever make this thing compatible with an Atrix Lapdock, I'm so doing it. Wishful thinking probably.

32GB iPhone 5 is up on eBay for $800 with AppleCare+ and 2 cases for $800. Hopefully that's not asking too much. Is there anything else I should look forward to being able to do?