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    Exclamation Contact Pictures - Tiny and Full Screen? :| Wha?

    o__o" hello people,

    Did a search on this, "picture id" "contact picture" was the only two words i can think of... >__< i am not even sure what it is called, but didn't find an answer to my issue.. hope posting it here is correct?
    I have a problem with my Gxly N2 (Amazing Phone, by the way).

    When I get a call or make a call, The Contact Image is a little box in the middle, and some other contacts are full screen.
    I am unsure how to make all contacts full screen; I don't mind the resolution being pixelated, I rather not have empty (checkered) background. It's a preference.

    If any one has similar issue or has the solution, do tell. Trying to figure this out. o__o"

    Thanks in Advance!
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    Default Re: Contact Pictures - Tiny and Full Screen? :| Wha?

    I have the same issue, were you able to fix it?
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    Default Re: Contact Pictures - Tiny and Full Screen? :| Wha?

    Full screen caller id. App in Play Store.

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    Default Re: Contact Pictures - Tiny and Full Screen? :| Wha?

    I noticed that contacts that have an image on my phone tend to be full screen while those without a saved image are smaller.

    I use an App called Current Caller ID by White Pages that turns my phone into a home style caller ID. My images are small now but numbers not in my phone book still show an ID.
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    Default Re: Contact Pictures - Tiny and Full Screen? :| Wha?

    The contacts with full picture ID are the ones you have saved photos to on your phone or Google Account, depending on what your primary phone book storage is. The ones with small images are the ones for which the device had pulled images from synced accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook and the like. The solution - and its a tedious one - is to g9 through your contacts and save High Res images from your device. These will show full screen rather nicely

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