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    Default MIssing Folders in Video Player

    I recently had a lot of video to install to my phone, so to save time, I removed the SD card and installed it directly to the computer. I copied a few folders worth of files to the card and then put it back in my GN2. When I go intio the video player, the two new folders do not show up. Other folders in the same directory show up and play fine, so I don't think its an issue with reading the SD card. When I go into the file manager, I can see the new folders and the files in them.

    I have tried:

    1) Removing local storage from the Video Player and the Play Movies apps.
    2) Rebooting my phone

    Neither fixed the problem. Is there a way to force an SD re-scan so that the Video player will pick up files it is missing? If not, is there something else I can do to fix this.

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    Default Re: MIssing Folders in Video Player


    Am I the only one having this problem? That seems hard to believe.

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