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    Default Trying to decide on a gift. Please help.

    With price not being an issue, Should i get this leather wallet note 2 case or this synthetic leather note 2 case? Any input from people who actually own either of these products would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Trying to decide on a gift. Please help.

    OK, I don't have either one, but since no owners have appeared yet .... after looking at the pics and vids, I definitely like the Valentinus better. It looks to be a higher quality plus it has the extra pocket, and real leather holds up well. Were I purchasing one for myself I'd definitely go for that one.
    If it's for a younger woman the illuzion looks less formal so maybe that in a bright color would be a better choice. For a man or a businesswoman, the leather one looks better.
    That's my opinion and worth every penny you paid for it.

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