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    I have 3 email accounts on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II. I have a gmail account is only in the Gmail app. Then I have 2 email accounts in the stock E-mail application. One is a Live (aka hotmail) account and the other is my school email which is based out of gmail but doesn't end in

    So when I go to the settings of the stock email app, and i go to the School email account, the settings say Account Name and then the next section is Your Name. The Account name is so I can tell one email from the other. for example my school email is listed as WGU and my email is listed as Live Account. The Your Name field is so I can put my name it. So if I send an email, it will show up in your in box as from Mike-Mike as opposed to .

    The problem is, there is an Account name for the settings of the Live account, but not a Your Name field. It's weird. the School one has it, but not the Live one?

    anyone know why this, or how to fix it? I am not rooted btw
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    No one has thi issue?

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    Default Re: Sent from Name on Stock e-mail app

    Maybe the Live account doesn't support changing the displayed name at the domain level? Just a thought.

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    I chatted with Samsung support online and they said it was not an available feature with the Live account

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