Hi all, I thought I would try out my cheapo dock I got for my office today. I plugged my phone in and it started charging then quit. I unplugged and plugged back in and tried a few more times..it then started only registering as a usb and not charging. Then, I tried just my charger and it did not register it at all. Tried another charger same thing. I restarted and tried regular charger and it is ok now. Dock still won't work -starts charging then stops and doesn't start again. But as of now my phone is charging with the regular cable. Has anyone had anything like this happen? Is this a sign that my charging port is bad or something? It does not seem to wiggle at all. Just don't understand why I had to restart the phone to get it to register that the cable is plugged in.

Here is the link to the dock

Thanks for any input