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    Default pin lock


    I just set up a VPN on my phone, but before I could set it up the system told me that I had to set up a pin lock. Now I can't get rid of the pin lock and its driving me insane, I think there must be something wrong cos I have to unlock again to get into skype. I'm going to delete the VPN and see if that helps. I'm not hopeful
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    Default Re: pin lock

    Was the VPN a certificate based one where the other end pushes a policy down? If so that could where the requirement for the PIN is coming from.

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    Default Re: pin lock

    Yes it was, damm bbc want let me watch their webcasts cos I'm in norway. I managed to change it from pin to pattern and suddenly problem solved, I'm wondering if there was a conflict with my locker and the stock locker which caused this problem. It seems to be fixed now, cross fingers

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