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    Default Text Shortcuts?

    Is there anyway to add text shortcuts? For example typing "spm" will produce "Spider-Man". I don't see this option listed anywhere.
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    You might want to check out Smart Keyboard. This is an AutoText feature in Smart Keyboard.
    It's the keyboard I use everyday on my device. I have quite a few shortcuts setup. For instance, my Email address, cell number, home address, email signatures.
    I can quickly type things I need using custom letters I create. This was one of the things I liked the most when I used BlackBerry before coming over to Android.
    I didn't want to give up that feature. Smart Keyboard made the transition from BlackBerry to Android easier for me.
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    Thanks for the information. I was hoping it was part of the OS and not part of the keyboard itself. I like using SwiftKey so not sure I'll be changing. I'll keep this in mind though if I find I'm really missing not having shortcuts.
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    In my android 4.whatever on an SGSII it is under Settings>language and input>samsung keyboard (gear)>predictive text (it's got a slidebar so it isn't intuitive that it's a whole new menu)>auto-substitution

    I realize you posted this 6 months ago, but I knew I'd seen it before and it took me some time trying to find it. Figured this might help some other people if not you directly.
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    Sick of Apple and iPhone but want to transfer all my (thousands) of "shortcuts" to an Android - is that possible? From a previous thread I was trying to locate the "auto-substitution" on my boyfriend's Android Galaxy S4, but can't locate that. Found the "predictive text" but the reference to a sliding menu stumped me. Thanks, Tina
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?


    The only text shortcuts I can find on the Note 4 is under 'Settings, Language & Input' then click the cog next to 'Samsung keyboard'.
    Look for 'Hot Keys'. You can then enter shortcut text that responds to a number on the keyboard.
    Once saved, you just hold down the corresponding number when sending a text & the shortcut text pops up.

    Let me know if you find a way to add more than 10 shortcuts!

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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    I am also looking for the same feature. Blackberry was too good in this aspect.
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    Default Re: Text Shortcuts?

    I use A.I keyboard (which is fantastic). The keyboard let's you create as many shortcuts as you want.

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