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    Angry Help! Can't hang up on calls!

    My Note 2 has a serious problem! I can't hang up on calls.

    I dial a number and lets say I want to hang up before the call goes to VM -or the conversation is over and I want to hang up. Usually I take the phone away from my ear, the screen lights up and the option to end the call is displayed. No longer... Now the screen remains black, I can't hang up, and the home button and power button do NOTHING. I have to take the battery out of my phone to hang up or get any sort of response from the phone.

    HELP! this is driving me nuts."Motion" is turned on. Don't know if that is doing anything.

    Stock Verizon set-up, 4.1.2 JB.
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    For me, typically when the other person hangs up it auto ends on my side so you shouldnt worry about that. You could try calling yourself from a seperate line after it happens to see if it wil activate your screen. Can you account for any apps that you recently installed right around when you noticed the problem?

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    I had the exact same issue. I researched for fixes, and could find none. Only to turn off the proximity sensor, (which I believe is what has malfunctioned) which left the screen on the entire time during a call. I took my phone into Best Buy and they replaced it no questions asked after they tried it out. They said they had not seen that issue before on a Note II.
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    I can't think of any apps recently installed, I haven't added anything new in a couple weeks.

    Quite frustrating... I've had to restart like 8 times today.

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    Have you tried turning on the setting that let's you hang up using the power button. I know you said the power button isn't responsive, but this may have it become responsive & usable again for you.
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    Open your dialer. Make sure it's on the dialer and click the menu, be sure the option to hang up with power button is checked.
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    Thanks for the dialer tip, that seems to help so that I don't have to do the battery pull. Not ideal but MUCH better.

    From my Galaxy Note 2
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    Default Re: Help! Can't hang up on calls!

    I know it's not a fix but I think there maybe a rogue app that's causing your issue.
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    Default Re: Help! Can't hang up on calls!

    I have a galaxy s 4G that has the same problem only with my protective case on. I really want the case but it causes me not to be able to hang up the phone. I am not sure what to do.
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    I experienced the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. My problem was due to the proximity/gesture sensor (the 2 black eyes at the right side of the earpiece). I have seen in effect that the screen goes black when this sensor is blinded. Try to put your finger on it and then take it back while the device is lying on a table and ringing or being ringed: you'll see the screen turned off and on. The same happens also when you put the device to your ear. For some reasons I can't explain, this sensor is sometimes able to detect the proximity but unable to detect no-more-proximity. The problem seems to be wide spread in the world. You can try to deactivate all gestures options and all motion options and auto brightness option. You won't get rid of the problem but at least this becomes less frustrating.
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    I am having the same screen will lite up but the screen is frozen. I have to power off to hang up. So frustrating.
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    I don't know if this helps, I had the same problem. I tried several things and I think that after i disconnected "Increase volume in pocket", the sensor started working right again.

    Edit: the problem returned. I find out that my problem was only out on the sun. At home the phone worked right.

    What finally resolved my problem was using my wife's air drier near the earphone. It was probably dust on the sensor.
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    Lightbulb Re: Help! Can't hang up on calls!


    I have had the same problem for some time as well. I have found, as previously mentioned the sensers on the top near the ear piece is the cause
    All I did was remove the screen protector and it started working ok. I cut around the sensor in my new screen protector and make sure the sensor's are dust free at all times. Problem solved.
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    Hair dryer worked for me too. Thanks!
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    So I dont think this is necessarily a 'fix' per say but I found this only really happened to my phone when Advanced Task Killer was set on Kill Frequency - When screen off. I presume the combination of the SmartStay and ATK Auto-Kill drives the software crazy, just a thought. I have it set to 30mins now and haven't seen the problem since.

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