Hello everyone.

Bit stumped after two days of searching for an answer so hopefully someone here can help.

Device - Galaxy Note 2

I use the phone's standard email app and generally it works well. I have three email accounts that I use on my laptop - Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. I have set up each account on my phone's email app. So far so good. Email comes in from all accounts as it should. However, with the Yahoo account the phone's email app also seems to be syncing with the Yahoo Spam folder so I get lots of notifications saying new mail when it's actually just junk / spam.

The Spam filter / folder on my Yahoo mail is set up correctly so nothing finds its way to the Yahoo inbox when viewed normally on my laptop. There are junk messages in the spam folder, which tells me that the yahoo filters are doing their job correctly.

No spam finds its way to my phone email app from my other accounts so the problem seems to just be with Yahoo. So I guess my question is: How do I stop my phone's email app from syncing with the spam folder of my yahoo mail account? I just want it to sync with the inbox in the same way that it does with Hotmail and Gmail.

I have tried deleting / removing the yahoo account from my phone and then re-adding but the problem persists.

Any help would be very much appreciated.